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DynaResource, Inc. is a Junior Resource Company, which has strategically negotiated, acquired, and consolidated 100% interest in DynaResource de Mexico, SA de CV. ("DynaMexico") and the San Jose de Gracia Property in Northern Sinaloa Mexico ("SJG") through 2003. The San Jose de Gracia Property reports historical production of +1,000,000 Oz. AU; and currently contains the potential for hosting a +3,000,000 Oz. AU resource. DynaMexico operated a small scale production at the San Jose de Gracia Property from mid 2003 to June, 2006; and reports Production of 18,500 Oz., at an average grade of 20 g/t. AU, with average production costs of $175/Oz. In mid 2006, recognizing the appreciation in gold prices and a vast SJG property to develop, the Company focused its efforts on the financing and exploration and development of SJG; and at September 1, 2006, the Company signed a definitive agreement with Goldgroup Mining, Inc., Vancouver, BC., to provide for an $18 million financing of exploration and development activities at the SJG.  At March 15, 2011, Goldgroup had contributed a total of $18M.


Primary Property:


SAN JOSE de GRACIA (Sinaloa, Mexico; “SJG”); Potentially the “Most Significant” Gold Project in the Region; (100 % Owned By DynaResource de Mexico, SA de CV ("DynaMexico"), which is currently 80% owned by DynaResource, Inc. ; 15 Square Kilometers Mineralized Area; Historic Production of 1 M Oz. Gold, Bonanza Gold Grades; Recent High Grade Production;